Still need to fix the offset bug between UTC and the timezone the user’s last post. That and get the timezone from the form instead of the cookie. Those are things I could knock out tomorrow. What are some of the other small things I could knock out? (think habits) I need to work on the outline for my functional course. Because I am someone who has online courses and makes internet money.

  • Ship it

  • Content output

  • Time Management

Those are my yearly themes that I outlined a couple posts’ ago. I am trying to think what micro actions I can take on a regular basis achieve those. I would be nice if I was able to have those themes prompted into my posting. 🤔 I’ll have to add that idea to the backlog or icebox or whatever agile is calling it these days. After I finish ‘Atomic Habits’ I think I’ll tackle ‘Shape Up’

  • I am someone who programs in Elixir
  • I am someone who programs in a functional style
  • I am someone who runs their own indie software business