I started reading Atomic Habits today. I am hoping it will help me put into words what I’ve managed to stumble into when I started “running” last year. I added air quotes to running, because when I started it was just really long walks at a brisk pace. There was little to no running involved. At the same time I started tracking everything I ate with an app, trying to keep it under 2k calories. It continues to amazing the lengths I would go to keep that number in the green. Will power that previously escaped me to skip a cookie or treat become logical “no way am I adding that to my calorie count”. This was a daily number that I would strive for. It eventually became a habit. The running, actually became running. And soon I was running an entire 5k without walking, then a bit faster, and faster. Then suddenly I was able to do it in under 30 minutes?!

I have other things I want to accomplish. Like the success of my own business. An expert in my own field of studies. These are large lofty goals. I sometimes think, I’ve got a pretty free weekend, I’ll tackle one of those goals. At the end of the weekend, headed back to work I’m disappointed that I didn’t achieve my lofty goal. This cycle continues, even today. Well of course I didn’t. Those are huge goals that take time and effort. You can’t just knock it out in a couple days! In my head that makes sense, but emotionally I often feel failure and disappointment.

Today I run regularly without thought. It’s something I just do. I pack my gym bag in the morning as regularly as I brush my teeth before leaving the house. I don’t even think about it, its automatic. Now the outstanding question. How to I achieve the same personal success in my other goals, like I did with running? How do I replicate that process? Currently, I have no idea. As I mentioned I just stumbled into it. I am hoping the language in Atomic Habits proves some ideas to help make those steps more tangible.