To replace gas taxes, Oregon and Utah ask EVs to pay for road use

So in 2020, Utah is increasing vehicle registration fees. In 2019, registering a BEV in Utah would cost $60; in 2020 that will be $90, increasing to $120 in 2021. PHEV fees were $26 in 2019, increasing to $39 this year and $52 in 2021, and not-plug-in hybrid fees have gone from $10 to $15, increasing to $20 next year. An extra $30 a year—or even $60 a year—is pretty small in the grand scheme of things, particularly considering how much cheaper an EV is to run.

ARS Technica

Its good to see states and other municipals working on creative ways to continue to paying for the infrastructure that, whether it’s electric or gas, we all enjoy while motoring along in our little pod. I still feel like personal transportation is something we’ve all been duped into, including me. While roads and freeways continue ever expanding, it is an untenable solution that we just keep doubling down on. Continuing to ignore the clear benefits of public transportation infrastructure. 😢