Trying something a bit different this morning. Actually writing in the morning. Rather than waiting for the ‘opportunity’ for some quiet time during the day, I will sit down first thing in the morning and jot down my thoughts, sort of clear my head before the day. Finished Atomic Habits last night. It was a super good book, and I’m happy I finally got to it. It’s so interesting that small things like ‘make it easy’ can keep you on track and making good habits, and falling into regular bad habits are oh so easy to slid back into. What I should really do is a habit chart like it, um, it tells you to do in the first chapter of the book. 🤦‍♂️ I am not totally sure I want to see my all my habits in black and white. I can see why it would be effective.

One book down, many more to read. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but it is so much easier to start up Netflix and watch something than to engage with a book. So that’s one of my bad habits. Something in the book, is make bad habits unattractive and/or harder to do. So if I logged out of Netflix and had to reload the app, and then login, that would probably be just enough friction for me to pic up my kindle which is right there instead. One of the things that has really worked for me is habit tracking. Whether that’s food calories, exercising, or now the kindle app has a daily and weekly streak which totally has me hooked. I will jump through all sorts of hoops to ‘keep my streak alive’ or as the book calls it, ‘breaking the chain’. But sometimes that happens. The important thing is to not slide back into a bad habit, but get up and start another streak. Missing one here or there is fine, but again from directly from the book, ‘don’t make it two in a row’.