Best product of the last decade? The iPhone 5. Why that particular iPhone you might ask. Was is the taller size and slightly bigger better screen? Not exactly. It was the included LTE service offered for the first time in an iPhone. This was a monster increase in connection speed for all of us from 3G. Speeds were 10x or more faster with LTE, the technology had been available in other devices for almost 2 years at this point, meaning coverage was pretty good in most major cities and spreading quickly.

The pairing of size and data speed made this a must have device for me. Besides the fact that until recently I’d been on the yearly upgrade train for iPhones. This fundamentally changed how I used my iPhone at a fundamental level. Removed was the friction of checking any web page, app, or social feed. It now took longer to get your phone out than it did to load anything. It was like being on WiFi all the time. You could stream video and clips, something that was unbearable on 3G.

While Apple didn’t invent LTE, and some would argue that they were slow to roll it out. I would counter that it was the right time, in the right device for the majority of us to feel the actual benefit of having it.