The theme’s for 2020. Last year I made a yearly theme, ‘The Year of Content”. And that worked out ok. I’d give myself maybe a C+ on that. I stood up a WordPress server, which I fought with more than I enjoyed. I set up [Jesse Tomchak]( and then migrated all of it near the end to [Micro Blog]( What I haven’t done is migrate it to That will need to be an exercise on importing that I’ll need to figure out down the line. I did make huge strides in Post It as a product. Figuring out how to calculate streaks was a big win. There’s a fancy landing page now. I mean this time last year it wasn’t even a domain. I’ve learned a lot about Elixir and functional programming. The summer of Elixir went so well it over took the podcast and turned into Post It as a thing. This is quickly turning into a roundup post, so let’s jump ahead to the part with the themes .

  1. Ship it

  2. Content output

  3. Time Management

Ship It. This means it’s finally time to ship a product. A full featured, user paying product. Stop putting it off, and get it out the door. I’ve waffled a lot over the years with ideas and half steps. Now it’s finally time to get it done. It won’t be any worst then no one using it and never hearing about it. It is really about over coming the fear of failure, and fear of ridicule. It’s time.

Content output. This is a continuation of sorts from last years ‘Content’. This year will see a more concentrated effort to push the streak on postit, and really push myself to develop and level up my writing. That’s right. My writing. I have always downplayed my ability to communicate in written form, to the point of disregarding it all together. The underlying reason for that was simply it isn’t very good. But without working on it and practicing it, it’s not going to get any better. I know this, because I’ve ignored it for a long time and it hasn’t improved on it’s own. Surprising I know. This can also be thought of as improved writing skills.