So one of the problems with writing in an editor is usually you have to name the file or title it right out of the gate. While it may sound like small thing, for me, it’s a real point of friction. What am I going to write about? Think of a witty phrase off the top of your head! It’s being put on the spot, and can really kill my . So why not be writing directly in the post it app? Well that’s the overall goal. The editor should be Google Docs good enough to ‘pop open’ and make a post nice and quick. Then I’d like to have some sort of auto save at like 140 chars or something. What I’d hate to have is a great long post, and then *poof* it’s gone on a page reload or some other random restart. That would make me, one, super sad, and two, very anger. While we’re making suggesting, the text needs to be a bit bigger, and needs some margin on the left & right.