let the streak begin

This will make it 4 days in a row, with the new published_at date. This will respect the timezone that the you post in, and not just the UTC date. Which works great if you post late at night or early in the morning. problem What happened was I posted late on Nov 19th, Monday around 8 pm ‘America/Phoenix’ time. The datebase saved this post as Nov 20th, Tuesday around 2 am ‘Etc/UTC’ time. So when we do the check for dates when you posted, the app doesn’t think you posted on the 19th! But you totally did. Then posting that morning it still saves it as Nov 20th until roughly 4 pm ‘America/Phoneix’ time then starts saving it to the 21st after that. Your milage will vary, but unless you live in the one true timezone ‘UTC’, this makes for a suboptimal experiance.

solution Now the app will capture your “wall time”, that is, the time and date it is where you are at when you published your post. Not converted into UTC time. This is then used for the calculation of consecutive days in a row. In theory, and so far, this proves to me much more viable than storing everything in UTC time and trying to offset and convert back and forth.