Hello long lost postit

August 02 2020

No one is coming for Twitter.

July 18 2020

Ok. Working on auth again.

June 15 2020

Instead of getting auth running, I automated the pipeline to deploy the starter automatically on changes.

June 08 2020

Lots to do today fingers crossed 🤞

May 28 2020

My ESP8266 controller will no longer connect to WiFi, and it has absolutely ruined my day

May 27 2020

Nope. It works just fine. I was being over antsy about it.

May 27 2020

Seems to be a leak in the gsutil doing rsync, since i don’t yet have a .cache build in the pipeline

May 26 2020

Curious what the workload on a blog build and publish is? Running `top -H` …. now

May 26 2020

ok, seems to be working just fine now? Endpoints are a go.

May 26 2020

maybe now?

May 26 2020

now it should catch up? I really need a rebuild button on the user’s page.

May 26 2020

now with micropub endpoints in the blog?

May 26 2020

Holy Cow that was fast!!!!

May 26 2020

Let’s run a rebuild and see if it still works?

May 26 2020


May 18 2020

Or better still. LiveView ?

May 12 2020

might be time upgrade the writing experience in post it to Tina or SlateJS. mmmm.

May 11 2020

Second ride in the morning

May 09 2020

First ride on my new road bike. It was pretty great. Probably went too far and will be super sore tomorrow, but man was it fun to fly in that thing.

May 03 2020

Tailwind update to 1.14

May 01 2020

We have a simple connection to Cloudflare now. Able to create delete sub domains.

April 23 2020

Roasting coffee, if you haven’t ever tried, can be deeply calming and therapeutic.

April 18 2020

Quarantine day … I have no idea. I haven’t been keeping track. What I do know is, it’s getting pretty old. The kids are doing well considering they have been home watching tv and doing worksheets for maybe a month now ?

April 15 2020

Reformatted my Surface Book to Ubuntu v 20 today. It’s nice. Now if it’ll work with my external display. 🤷‍♂️

April 03 2020

After 48 hours, I did manage to get it Android Studio and Flutter working nicely together.

March 17 2020

Getting flutter and specifically Android Studio to play nice on Windows, not even WLS2, but just regular windows is an exhausting effort.

March 10 2020

Another sad panda

February 21 2020

Still building. Still working.

February 19 2020

This interesting thing happens when a streak is broken. I end up concisely avoiding starting another one. I seem to be missing some part of the habit. The reward? I feel like I’ve made it easy enough. 🤷‍♂️

February 18 2020

That’s a second time I gave written anything ?

February 10 2020

Almost didn’t even make a post today. Traveled back from Idaho tonight, no unintended stops in Montana.

February 09 2020

Look at that, I can now see and edit my account information!!!!

February 08 2020

Last day to make a push towards a viable, useable thing that others can use.

February 08 2020

Looks like all is well in the postit kingdom.


February 07 2020

Ok. What is the deal?!?!

February 07 2020

Having a rough go at it. Worst part is, when it’s fixed I’ll be right back where I started. 😥

February 07 2020

I have spent 2 days rebuilding pieces of the app to be ‘nicer’. None of which get me any closer to an actual ship able product. This is the hold developers fall into.

… this will be some much nicer in the future for x, y, and z

Ugh. 😫

February 07 2020

Try and buzz the tower again

February 07 2020

Buzz the tower Maverick

February 06 2020

updated postit build pipeline, updated slug concatenation for urls in the api. new build images across the board, and site RSS. 💥

February 06 2020

Read from Daring Fireball today [Electric or Not, Big SUVs Are Inherently Selfish](

This was a stark contrast with, say, minivan buyers. Those same studies found minivan drivers considered themselves parents of the neighborhood and not just their own children. They thought about how the design of the vehicle would enable them to do the things they did most frequently, such as transport lots of children or help senior citizens in and out of the vehicle.

But that’s not how SUV buyers thought. Bradsher quotes a Honda marketing executive as saying, “They are buying the image of the SUV first, then the functionality,” because, according to their research, SUV-buyers were “very concerned with how other people see them, rather than worrying about what is practical.”

If you couldn’t guess, I drive a mini-van. It’s not long for this world so I’ve been casually shopping for a replacement. Possibly another van, but I’ve also looked at SUV’s both large and midsize. And while I haven’t driven any they seem big and unwieldy, and yet they are everywhere. Once you start to see the single white adult in a giant 8 passenger beast, you can’t unsee.

February 06 2020

today I was able to finally get links, written in markdown, to populate in the editor as HTML anchor links with titles and text displayed and saved correctly.

There is even a short cut on selected text. ‘Ctrl- y’ will take whatever’s on the clipboard (that you’ve previously copied) and use that as the link url on the selected text.

February 04 2020

Iowa caucus

The Iowa caucuses are the first official event of the 2020 race for the Democratic nomination. Traditionally, results from the Iowa caucuses start being released shortly after the meetings wrap up around 9pm Central Time. But people who tuned in to see the results this evening were disappointed, as technical glitches delayed the release of results by hours. As I write this around midnight Central Time, there are still no numbers available.

It’s a rough go for technology and voting. Trust is at or below zero these days from the general public. It’s going to be a long, slow, uphill battle to earn back trust.

February 04 2020

I am not a fan of running indoors. But when its ZERO DEGREES outside. It makes me more ok with it.

February 04 2020

Best self. Notebook.
Done habit tracker.
Theme Journal.

February 03 2020

What is your emergent strategy?

In our lives and in our careers, whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly navigating a path by deciding between our deliberate strategies and the unanticipated alternatives that emerge.

February 03 2020

Back at the airport, in Montana ✈️

February 03 2020

Weather has forced me to divert to Montana instead of my original destination. I don’t mind all that much. It would be more stressful if I had the kids with me. It’s just me, I’m not even bothered.

February 02 2020

I get it. I just don’t fucking agree.

February 02 2020

It is another interesting time in the browser Cold War.

February 01 2020

Follow up information from ARS [Ajit Pai: Carrier sales of phone-location data is illegal, FCC plans punishment](

January 31 2020

[FCC confirms carriers ‘apparently’ broke the law by selling real-time customer locations](

FCC chairman Ajit Pai has sent a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, stating that the commission’s Enforcement Bureau has found that US carriers “apparently” broke the law by selling the location data of their unknowing customers. “I am committed to ensuring that all entities subject to our jurisdiction comply with the Communications Act and the FCC’s rules, including those that protect consumers’ sensitive information, such as real-time location data,” Pai wrote.

The use of apparently is what really burns me. We’ve know for month, even years, that US Carriers have made it easy to buy smart phone location for pretty much any use. But to have the FCC chairman refer to it as, “well I guess they aren’t following the law, 🤷‍♂️, oh well” is as, if not more, appalling than this infraction itself.

January 31 2020

I have to give credit to anyone watching hours of the impeachment trial in the Senate. I don’t have the stamina to sit through and listen to the constant back and forth. I barely have the appetite to catch the cliff notes summary at the end of the week.

January 30 2020

Nothing but time on your hands.

January 30 2020

Todo Items

  • Create gcloud storage for new users

  • Create cloudinary subdomain for new users

  • Integrate Stripe with trial and core subscriptions

  • Site generation

  • * RSS Feed

  • * Fetch Account Details as Static Query

January 30 2020

Able to post 500 words daily? That is a pretty lofty goal for me personally. As mentioned I missed yesterday, after having been on the site multiple times! Ugh.

January 30 2020

Ugh. Missed posting again yesterday. 😢

January 30 2020

Bit of Tooling

So instead of adding api support today. What I actually did was updated the editor from it’s old default markdown, to it’s prosemirror styling. which, is a bit nicer. I need to figure out a keybinding for url links in it, so I can do that quickly. But over all, I’m happy with it. I also added back in the counter for characters, that turn red over 280, and for the number of words. I should now be able to add an activity model, which shouldn’t need a db yet. That might be an interesting sort of way to tackle it. 🤔

January 28 2020

Did I leave the console post in there?

January 28 2020

wonder what that does?

quotes go here

January 28 2020

Now to see if it posts.

**single starts**

January 28 2020

Things I need to figure out:

  • Support Micro Posting through API
  • Activity as it’s own model, not just live calculated from a users posts
  • that should let me add to a draft, and still get activity credit.
  • Switch back to prosemirror with char and word count
  • Do a side prod with POW auth and figure out twitter integration and 3rd party oAuth and API auth
  • Activity as a central point of the product.
  • Weekly email reports.
  • Set your weekly goal
  • Roll up a users posts as a NewsLetter. <———-> That’s down the road I guess. Substack
January 27 2020

Swing and a miss. Getting a streak going is far more difficult than you might think.

January 26 2020

Updates across the board for the cicd server and the build image to beable to update along the way.

January 24 2020

New streak

January 24 2020

It’s nice to see a bit of progress on the postit front. Gonna say, I don’t like not working on this project.

January 23 2020

I have successfully build a functioning pipeline for users of Postit that will fetch, build, and deploy their Gatsby blog to their domain !!!

January 23 2020

That might actually do it. 🤞

January 23 2020

Swing and a miss. How about now?

January 23 2020

This could be. This might be a first for Postit. MVP of the internal build engine for users sites it out, and if this gets published, will be working!

January 23 2020

At the heart of the tussle is a debate between Apple and the government over whether security or privacy trumps the another. Apple has said it chooses not to build a “backdoor” way for governments to get into iPhones and to bypass encryption because that would create a slippery slope that could damage people’s privacy. Apple Takes a (Cautious) Stand Against Opening a Killer’s iPhones

A backdoor for the ‘good guys’ is a backdoor for everyone including the ‘bad guys’. Weakened encryption is for everyone.

January 14 2020

S2173 would have prohibited parents from using religious beliefs as an excuse to get out of providing standard, life-saving immunizations for their children. Instead, only children with medical conditions that preclude a child from being vaccinated—as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—would be granted an exemption

Anti-vaxxers celebrate victory in NJ as pro-vaccine bill falls apart

The religious exception is simply a loop-hole that has been abused by people who bewilderingly buy into junk propaganda about vaccinations. I am firmly in the public health camp, get vaccinated unless you are medically and physically unable to do so. And in that case, rest easy, because the rest of us are to help protect you and others like you.

January 14 2020

Trying something a bit different this morning. Actually writing in the morning. Rather than waiting for the ‘opportunity’ for some quiet time during the day, I will sit down first thing in the morning and jot down my thoughts, sort of clear my head before the day. Finished Atomic Habits last night. It was a super good book, and I’m happy I finally got to it. It’s so interesting that small things like ‘make it easy’ can keep you on track and making good habits, and falling into regular bad habits are oh so easy to slid back into. What I should really do is a habit chart like it, um, it tells you to do in the first chapter of the book. 🤦‍♂️ I am not totally sure I want to see my all my habits in black and white. I can see why it would be effective.

One book down, many more to read. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but it is so much easier to start up Netflix and watch something than to engage with a book. So that’s one of my bad habits. Something in the book, is make bad habits unattractive and/or harder to do. So if I logged out of Netflix and had to reload the app, and then login, that would probably be just enough friction for me to pic up my kindle which is right there instead. One of the things that has really worked for me is habit tracking. Whether that’s food calories, exercising, or now the kindle app has a daily and weekly streak which totally has me hooked. I will jump through all sorts of hoops to ‘keep my streak alive’ or as the book calls it, ‘breaking the chain’. But sometimes that happens. The important thing is to not slide back into a bad habit, but get up and start another streak. Missing one here or there is fine, but again from directly from the book, ‘don’t make it two in a row’.

January 14 2020

That idea of writing everyday sometimes feels like a chore. I think, “oh no it’s already 7 pm, and I still haven’t written anything yet!” That’s not a good feeling. The activity streak has kept me coming back and putting something down at least. But it shouldn’t be a chore. Should be something I enjoy. 🤔

January 13 2020

The reason for exploring other languages? It really boiled down to trust. While I had learned an enormous mount about JavaScript over the years and it’s idiosyncrasies, I don’t fully trust any of the JavaScript code I write, read, or run. The reason is, it’s always possible in JS. Mutation and side effects that is. Looking at a small sliver of logic, you can’t say with 100% certainty that there isn’t some other part of the application that won’t change or molest that logic. That is what I’ve continued to look for in a language. One that specifically provides a sort of understanding that if it compiles, it relatively free of error. Now there might be problems with the soundness of the logic, sure. But as far as ‘undefined is not a function’ that can be wholly avoided.

January 12 2020

Almost missed today, down to just a couple hours left. Reached habit tracking in my book, Atomic Habits. I stopped short, I want to be more awake than I am not when I read it, as it’s the basis for this entire site. Helping form a good habit around regularly blogging. “Don’t break the chain” referring to starting a streak and showing up with something big or small as to not break it and have it reset to zero.

That’s also where ‘stacking’ comes it. I’m not going to sit down and write a whole article in map or filter functions with examples. But I could do a paragraph here or there. Getting a little credit each day for writing about it, building on what I wrote last time seems like a pretty good path towards accomplishing that goal.

January 11 2020

FCC will pay ISPs to deploy broadband with 250GB monthly data cap

Specifically, the FCC added a new tier of 50Mbps down and 5Mbps up, with a data cap of at least 250GB a month. The FCC also raised the planned cap on the lowest tier from 150GB to 250GB. AT&T and other ISPs had pushed for a cap of 150GB on both the 25/3 and 50/5Mbps tiers.

Not only are the 50/5Mbps comically slow by any standard, the 250GB cap just adds insult to injury. Provided it is even possible to use that much data on such a slow connection. For comparison Verizon’s 4G LTE network averages 36 Mbps down, and a 3x with 15Mbps up. Lifewire

January 10 2020

There is another service I stumbled across while on Micro Blog called Webmentions for users feel like it could be important to Postit. Food for though.

January 09 2020

This is where an activity tracker that showed character, word counts, and number of posts would be super helpful. cough

January 09 2020

Not feeling super great today. Everyone who works in a big office, or has kids in school always have a couple days or weeks during the winter where the sickness just take over. That’s where I’m at today.

January 09 2020

What makes Postit different than Tumblr? This was a thought I had the other day. and it’s a good exercise to go through. I had to dig up my Tumblr login info, thank you Keychain for keeping that safe for me, and jumped on to see a single post from August 18th, 2010, “Its a short one, baby bear just woke up. “ Like so many blogs I’ve started, I failed to make it a habit. This one lasted a single day! Buried my account was a second blog started Tech Trousers, which must have been another ambitious start. Had not a single post. ☹️ Across the internet is a variable graveyard of blogs and sites I’ve started. There was little nothing in terms of a plan to stick with writing. Just a random idea and a couple days excited and building the site. Once the site was complete, the writing (if it started) dried up and was forgotten.

So how is this different than Tumblr. For me personally it’s the exact platform that I wanted. I built it, so there is extra incentive for me to use it. Because right now, who else besides me will use it? Know one even knows about it! Even with that my current streak is 14 days, that is also my longest streak by almost double. Creating a writing habit is hard, keeping a writing habit is hard. What works for me, may not work for you.

The idea of missing today and starting over at 0 hits me right in the pride. I get a little rush everyday when I see that number grow by a little bit. By the end of the month it will be 30 or more. That’s an entire month of posting every single day! That is awesome.

Here’s to the first 30 and more to come.

January 08 2020

Some days are harder than other to start with a thought. Sometimes it’s that first post that is hard to get going.

January 08 2020

The idea of not being able to edit a blog post once it is written has lead me to the idea I call “Stacking”. Here’s the scenario: you’ve written a post and published it. The following day you have additional thoughts you’d like to add or came across an article that spurred more to say about that particular thing. You could make a new post called ‘part 2’, or if you could edit the original post. Either are particularly appealing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you add to it like a reply to your own tweet? When you ‘stack’ from an existing post, a new post is started with the contents of that post added and styled in some way, with a link already added back to the original post. You can then add more to that post, or make changes and edits to the existing post.


January 07 2020

from Benedict Evens

what happened to IBM and Microsoft. The competition isn’t another mainframe company or another PC operating system - it’s something that solves the same underlying user needs in very different ways, or creates new ones that matter more.

Ben Thompson

today’s cloud and mobile companies — Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Google — may very well be the GM, Ford, and Chrysler of the 21st century. The beginning era of technology, where new challengers were started every year, has come to an end; however, that does not mean the impact of technology is somehow diminished: it in fact means the impact is only getting started.

It’s interesting in the talk from Benedict and Ben on large tech companies on power, monopolies, and the future that companies like Facebook and Twitter are missing. I think there is some truth to the the solidification of the larger companies, but these are just the foundational pieces. Building services, integrations, and other ideas will continue to evolve and prosper.

Mobile App stores are one castle to borrow a metaphor from Ben at Stratechery, that I believe will simple become less and less relevant with continual improvements to browser API’s, WebAssembly, Mobile Broadband 5G, and other things. The idea of servicing 30% to an App Store gatekeeper like Apple or Google, or haven’t to go from the website, to the app store, search for the app, download it, install it, and then sign back it will be considered childish compared to Web Apps including web apps that work offline alà PWAs.

January 07 2020

I can’t recall a tire store in any syfy dystopian future with autonomous vehicles. Or something as mundane and as a city worker patching potholes while 4-5 coworkers look onwards. Seems a bit of “cart before the horse” logic with the constant attention to autonomous driving vehicles continues with single passenger, 4 rubber tire approach.

January 06 2020

So post it is like a mix between Tumblr and Fitbit? But there isn’t really a social aspect to Post it. I mean there could be a central feed of all the postit posts, similar to MicroBlog. That was the initial intention, to add to the indie web movement. But the activity angle has both held my attention longer, and gotten me to use my own product for more consecutive days than before.

Post It. Start blogging and keep blogging.

January 06 2020

I don’t think I’ve been able to keep a streak alive this long. I think my longest might have been … 9 maybe. You know what would be great? An activity page that showed current streaks, history, and personal records. Should be on that.

Kindle has a stats page called ‘reading insights’, I managed to stumble across in at the beginning of the year. And it’s pretty close to what I’m trying to achieve here with postit. Like a mix between that and the activity rings on my Apple Watch. Something very powerful about having to close those rings. So let’s quickly jot down some of the objectives we’d like to have measured moving forward.

  • days in a row
  • minimum chars or words per days
  • minimum posts per day. ( like 2 or 3 posts daily)
  • weeks in a row
  • total reading time of a post
  • total words per streak
  • time spent writing ‘engaged’

Some of those might require some meta data to be added to posts so that it doesn’t have to be calculated each and every time the data is presented. This could be a JSON column in for posts. Getting to the point where an activities scheme might be warranted, but would that just be a specific view of posts for the user or contain additional information? 🤔

January 06 2020

Still need to fix the offset bug between UTC and the timezone the user’s last post. That and get the timezone from the form instead of the cookie. Those are things I could knock out tomorrow. What are some of the other small things I could knock out? (think habits) I need to work on the outline for my functional course. Because I am someone who has online courses and makes internet money.

  • Ship it

  • Content output

  • Time Management

Those are my yearly themes that I outlined a couple posts’ ago. I am trying to think what micro actions I can take on a regular basis achieve those. I would be nice if I was able to have those themes prompted into my posting. 🤔 I’ll have to add that idea to the backlog or icebox or whatever agile is calling it these days. After I finish ‘Atomic Habits’ I think I’ll tackle ‘Shape Up’

  • I am someone who programs in Elixir
  • I am someone who programs in a functional style
  • I am someone who runs their own indie software business
January 05 2020

I started reading Atomic Habits today. I am hoping it will help me put into words what I’ve managed to stumble into when I started “running” last year. I added air quotes to running, because when I started it was just really long walks at a brisk pace. There was little to no running involved. At the same time I started tracking everything I ate with an app, trying to keep it under 2k calories. It continues to amazing the lengths I would go to keep that number in the green. Will power that previously escaped me to skip a cookie or treat become logical “no way am I adding that to my calorie count”. This was a daily number that I would strive for. It eventually became a habit. The running, actually became running. And soon I was running an entire 5k without walking, then a bit faster, and faster. Then suddenly I was able to do it in under 30 minutes?!

I have other things I want to accomplish. Like the success of my own business. An expert in my own field of studies. These are large lofty goals. I sometimes think, I’ve got a pretty free weekend, I’ll tackle one of those goals. At the end of the weekend, headed back to work I’m disappointed that I didn’t achieve my lofty goal. This cycle continues, even today. Well of course I didn’t. Those are huge goals that take time and effort. You can’t just knock it out in a couple days! In my head that makes sense, but emotionally I often feel failure and disappointment.

Today I run regularly without thought. It’s something I just do. I pack my gym bag in the morning as regularly as I brush my teeth before leaving the house. I don’t even think about it, its automatic. Now the outstanding question. How to I achieve the same personal success in my other goals, like I did with running? How do I replicate that process? Currently, I have no idea. As I mentioned I just stumbled into it. I am hoping the language in Atomic Habits proves some ideas to help make those steps more tangible.

January 04 2020

Does it auto correct? Well at least there’s that. It’s like two steps forward and one step back.

  • less right padding on sm
  • return auto sizing text
January 03 2020

In fixing my markdown url parsing, I have managed to remove the auto expanding editor area. grrrrr.

January 03 2020

To replace gas taxes, Oregon and Utah ask EVs to pay for road use

So in 2020, Utah is increasing vehicle registration fees. In 2019, registering a BEV in Utah would cost $60; in 2020 that will be $90, increasing to $120 in 2021. PHEV fees were $26 in 2019, increasing to $39 this year and $52 in 2021, and not-plug-in hybrid fees have gone from $10 to $15, increasing to $20 next year. An extra $30 a year—or even $60 a year—is pretty small in the grand scheme of things, particularly considering how much cheaper an EV is to run.

ARS Technica

Its good to see states and other municipals working on creative ways to continue to paying for the infrastructure that, whether it’s electric or gas, we all enjoy while motoring along in our little pod. I still feel like personal transportation is something we’ve all been duped into, including me. While roads and freeways continue ever expanding, it is an untenable solution that we just keep doubling down on. Continuing to ignore the clear benefits of public transportation infrastructure. 😢

January 03 2020

iPad worthy?

Wanted to post to the newly styled editor from my iPad and see if it was a nicer experience. And the answer is a very resounding “yep”. That being said. I even forgot to remove the 1px border around the area so that I could see it while I was styling it. And who knows. Maybe I’ll leave it.

[pica]( Trying to figure out markdown links in the editor still. 🙁

January 02 2020

On Monday, the IRS released an addendum to its Free File program — the agreement with tax preparation companies intended to keep tax filing free — that now prohibits these companies from hiding the…

its about time.

January 02 2020

better editing

Spent the day updating the style for the editor. It’s larger, cleaner. *and* it’s got buttons instead of just links for posting! Isn’t that nice? It’s like treating myself.

January 02 2020

Best product of the last decade? The iPhone 5. Why that particular iPhone you might ask. Was is the taller size and slightly bigger better screen? Not exactly. It was the included LTE service offered for the first time in an iPhone. This was a monster increase in connection speed for all of us from 3G. Speeds were 10x or more faster with LTE, the technology had been available in other devices for almost 2 years at this point, meaning coverage was pretty good in most major cities and spreading quickly.

The pairing of size and data speed made this a must have device for me. Besides the fact that until recently I’d been on the yearly upgrade train for iPhones. This fundamentally changed how I used my iPhone at a fundamental level. Removed was the friction of checking any web page, app, or social feed. It now took longer to get your phone out than it did to load anything. It was like being on WiFi all the time. You could stream video and clips, something that was unbearable on 3G.

While Apple didn’t invent LTE, and some would argue that they were slow to roll it out. I would counter that it was the right time, in the right device for the majority of us to feel the actual benefit of having it.

January 01 2020

So for the first day of the new year, without work or a regular schedule, I almost missed my streak. In fact the timezone offset bug (I still need to fix) says my streak is over, bc it’s pass midnight UTC. I need to finish flushing out my Themes this year and possibly order a Theme journal, then again, isn’t this a theme journal?

January 01 2020

The theme’s for 2020. Last year I made a yearly theme, ‘The Year of Content”. And that worked out ok. I’d give myself maybe a C+ on that. I stood up a WordPress server, which I fought with more than I enjoyed. I set up [Jesse Tomchak]( and then migrated all of it near the end to [Micro Blog]( What I haven’t done is migrate it to That will need to be an exercise on importing that I’ll need to figure out down the line. I did make huge strides in Post It as a product. Figuring out how to calculate streaks was a big win. There’s a fancy landing page now. I mean this time last year it wasn’t even a domain. I’ve learned a lot about Elixir and functional programming. The summer of Elixir went so well it over took the podcast and turned into Post It as a thing. This is quickly turning into a roundup post, so let’s jump ahead to the part with the themes .

  1. Ship it

  2. Content output

  3. Time Management

Ship It. This means it’s finally time to ship a product. A full featured, user paying product. Stop putting it off, and get it out the door. I’ve waffled a lot over the years with ideas and half steps. Now it’s finally time to get it done. It won’t be any worst then no one using it and never hearing about it. It is really about over coming the fear of failure, and fear of ridicule. It’s time.

Content output. This is a continuation of sorts from last years ‘Content’. This year will see a more concentrated effort to push the streak on postit, and really push myself to develop and level up my writing. That’s right. My writing. I have always downplayed my ability to communicate in written form, to the point of disregarding it all together. The underlying reason for that was simply it isn’t very good. But without working on it and practicing it, it’s not going to get any better. I know this, because I’ve ignored it for a long time and it hasn’t improved on it’s own. Surprising I know. This can also be thought of as improved writing skills.

December 31 2019

And get some button style on the posting pages already. Ugh

December 30 2019

Ok. So at this point a couple things have occurred to me.

  1. Post it, what I think of it, as a product, will be a blogging platform. Not a social platform.

  2. Posting quickly and easily will need to remain a top principle of the product. This should drive priority when thinking about new features.

  3. The difference maker is clearly the idea and implementation of activity tracking. Not just a post a day. Maybe a word or char count a day. It doesn’t have to be one big monster post. It could be a flurry of small sharp posts. Like Scripting News or Daringfirball, it’s not always 500 plus words a day. Something it’s a link to an article and then short single effective quip, other time is commentary on current events. Either way this is going to influence how activity is developed.

December 30 2019

The news continues to feel more like doom and gloom and less like impartial current events. It’s decisive, negative, and demoralizing when I read it. I am fortunate to be able to roughly ignore the constant cycles of dread and destruction, knowing that it won’t effect my family’s day to day lives like so many others. That would mean it would be my responsibility to engage and help those who need it, and frankly I don’t know how. It feels like an impossible task, where to start, how to make an actual impact. All the classic tropes are there. Sooner or later I’ll have to figure out something.

December 29 2019

Made a list of things to get accomplished or post it yesterday. It occurred to me, that while micro blog and the indie web are good ideas and I can get behind them. Is that something I need to support right out of the gate? It would provide the ability to use a couple other apps to post from. That seems like a V2 feature. Something to mull over in the coming weeks.

December 29 2019

So one of the problems with writing in an editor is usually you have to name the file or title it right out of the gate. While it may sound like small thing, for me, it’s a real point of friction. What am I going to write about? Think of a witty phrase off the top of your head! It’s being put on the spot, and can really kill my . So why not be writing directly in the post it app? Well that’s the overall goal. The editor should be Google Docs good enough to ‘pop open’ and make a post nice and quick. Then I’d like to have some sort of auto save at like 140 chars or something. What I’d hate to have is a great long post, and then *poof* it’s gone on a page reload or some other random restart. That would make me, one, super sad, and two, very anger. While we’re making suggesting, the text needs to be a bit bigger, and needs some margin on the left & right.

December 28 2019

# What it looks like

Continuing with the theme. Maybe I need a weekly theme? I don’t think it’s a lack of things I’m trying to say, but a lack of effort and priority.

The idea of the streak is to replicate the success of an activity tracker that keep people getting 10k steps, running everyday, or whatever it might be. For me it’s about getting that number up, and then not breaking it. That has been a recipe for success for me with becoming healthier both for eating and making my way to the gym.

Currently with postit all you have to do is post anything of any length once a day. This has lead to me posting a simple checkin, “Hello there, keeping the streak alive.” I would argue that a post like that is really an anti-pattern of what I’m trying to achieve. Like strapping your Fitbit on the puppy and counting all those steps for yourself.

December 27 2019

# First posting

The general idea of having a writing station, is to clear your mind and the distractions and write. To not get caught up in the alerts, notifications, pings, badges, and likes. But to actually get your thoughts from your head put them out onto paper, a journal, or something. Journaling is like exercise, at least for me. It’s hard to get started. It’s hard to keep doing it. Once I’ve done it for a considerable amount of time, I am feel measurably better in a lot of ways. So you’d think it would be easy to keep up right? Well, like a lot of people, I struggle to do things that take more effort than vegging, which is a number greater than zero.

I want to be better at writing. And the only way to accomplish that is to actually write more. I have often downplayed my ability to write, not novels, but emails, docs, what would be described as simple communications. Not like a grand novel or anything. So I started working on Post It. I need some way to track, game, and motivate myself to keep posting. Because it’s easy to skip a day. Or to only write a couple hundred characters. But less so if it means breaking my streak

December 26 2019

Almost didn’t write anything today.

December 24 2019

JavaScript to Elm is now available at and it’s very cool. Really need to finish setting up the posting and the deployment. 🤷‍♀️

December 23 2019

Damn it. Lost my streak.

December 23 2019

Signing in every time to post is a real point of friction. I’m gonna need to change that before it drives me nuts. And upgrade to 1.9 for the release stuff. I’m getting a better understanding of Erlang and processes, the concurrent model is pretty rad. I’m happy that I didn’t just hammer out the example in go lang.

And it looks like I might mcee Elm in the Spring on May 1st in Chicago. That will be a fun project. With that I started moving everything over to Transistor from Libsyn, mostly for the multi show idea. And likely host Postit Blog micro Cast on it there too.

lots to do before the end of the year.

December 20 2019

Also didn’t post today. But trying to keep the streak alive made me come back and login. So it works at some level. Reminders might me a nice addition. Like when it gets within so many hours of the end of your day? 🤷‍♂️ Also. Emoji are super great. Streaks probably need pins or badges of some kind to go along with them. That’d be rad.

almost have the new build service up and running. You know. Eventually

December 19 2019

Lol. No ‘new post’ button on mobile right now. Lol. Headed to the music museum with the kids for a field trip. It’s gonna be loud, but should be a lot of fun.

Should probably make a minimum char for post to count for a streak. But your only cheating yourself.

December 18 2019

Streaks by the day

December 17 2019

Ok. So I deployed the new styling and oh noes, there are a bunch of errors that it can’t find any of the routes. So I need to style the `new post` page, figure out the routes, and then get the styles into the Gatsby starter.

and go from there.

December 16 2019

The weekend just blows by you!

Listen. Spotify’s tired of screwing around here. The company spent a lot of money on podcasts. Like, a lot, a lot. And it really needs you to start listening to things, because it’s almost certainly going to spend even more in the coming years.

mmm. I guess creating a link isn’t working totally yet from the toolbar. Markdown?

[Spotify spent a lot of money on podcasting, so it wants you to start listening, please](

Its interesting that Spotify’s gains in podcasting have been mostly additive. From the numbers I’ve seen / heard the gains in podcasting has been from 15-24, and almost all additive to the market, not existing podcast listeners.

December 15 2019

I think it’s a burden to keep the idea of the minimum viable product in your head when you’re trying to do this with a couple weeks left we still need to do accounts stripe payment the builder forgot to be isn’t quite up to speed and even the default TV is not quite good enough yet so if you things to do a running out of time to get some better invite out there but the splash page is looking nice so I’m hopeful that 2020 will produce $10,000 in revenue and then we can just go from there so 2020 roast until coffee posted a blog mile stone and maybe some freelance work who knows

December 14 2019

Ah man. I still need to fix the offset bug. 🐛

December 14 2019

Ok. So I went down a bit of a styling rabbit hole. The good news, I’ve ended up with a pretty sweet landing page and beta sign up that I’m hoping to start showing off by xmas.

Next stop will be to beef up the default template a bit, and then start sharing ?

December 13 2019

Mobile sub nav. The list is growing and growing. Ugh.

December 12 2019

Remove post border. ☹️

December 12 2019

Email Auth working really well. Need to update session time and make sure somehow that it works across deployed. Style posting a little better on mobile.

  • bigger text for writing.
    char count

  • move publish to top of screen.
    hide nav on posting page

December 12 2019

A streak of 3 days is pretty nice. I have been working on email login. Where the user won’t have a password, but simply type in their email and then get a ‘magic link’ to their email that will validate them with a session. This is now working! So I need to re-implement the builder for Gatsby, create the beta signup flow, and finally add strip? I think that’s it? idk I’m fried right now.

December 11 2019

All staff company meetings are a flat out waste of everyone’s time. This hill is one I will die on.

December 11 2019

So today I …

  • Figured out Magic Link for the app

  • Signed up for email @postit

  • Signed up for Mandrill API to send emails

  • and some magic around `Route.Helpers` in Phoenix

December 10 2019

Will this make 2 days in a row…. **again**

December 10 2019

So much time wasted in meetings. Ugh 😩

December 09 2019

Dang it. Streak lost. Starting again. It feels like daunting task to post daily. Here we go, giving it another goal.

  • dedicated time everyday to post

  • list of topics ahead of time

  • alerts or daily reminders through push or email ?

  • what would get you to check it daily ?

December 09 2019

Continuing on this should start a streak of 2! That and it’s the weekend !! Need to decorate the tree 🌲 and get the final string of lights up outside to go with the inflatables. Not really sure what else to do. I’m sure there’s something.

December 07 2019

Ok. Back at it. Now that I had and lost a streak, it’s a matter of getting back into the habit. It was only 8 days, but man. I was a little sad when I missed it. 🥺 Also having the prosemirror is a much nicer editor experience than the raw codemirror editor. Probably need to send the raw state and then earmarked as a draft should be able pickup and edit it again.

In personal news, my dad is having some tests done at the hospital 🏥 and so far I am doing a good job of avoiding the idea that it might be something serious. It’s a scary idea that my dad’s morally. Back for results after the weekend. So I can’t ignore it much longer.

December 06 2019

Ok. Same bug as last night with the streak. Pretty sure the currentDaye() from Postgres is beyond the 24 hour mark from my current time. My idea is to add the offset from published and updated at to the UTC time. And then we’ll see.

November 27 2019

what in the world did I get loose a post?

November 26 2019

Did I miss my window?

November 26 2019

**Updated Editor \

So.** I’ve been able to swap out the editor from Codemiorror or ProseMirror. There are some rough edges. But overall I’ve gotten these baked it.

  • autocorrect on mobile

  • wysiwyg menu bar

  • serialize to markdown

I am hoping down the line I’ll be able to leverage some of the features like undo / redo history, bind keys, and the biggie would be comments and collaboration!! This is exciting !!

November 25 2019

Its already starting to work. Its Sunday, and I just thought, “oh I have my streak at 5 days!! I better get in and post a little something to keep it going!” and that is exaclty what i was after. A little internal presser to post and keep posting. Its great to see that streak number go up after writing somethjng down.

November 24 2019

finished cleaning up the condo we stayed at over the summer while our house was being remodeled. I can’t describe how nice it is to be home and also settled. Need to finish the backroom still. it never ends. Maybe sometime I’ll be able put together my own night stand.

November 23 2019

let the streak begin

This will make it 4 days in a row, with the new published_at date. This will respect the timezone that the you post in, and not just the UTC date. Which works great if you post late at night or early in the morning. problem What happened was I posted late on Nov 19th, Monday around 8 pm ‘America/Phoenix’ time. The datebase saved this post as Nov 20th, Tuesday around 2 am ‘Etc/UTC’ time. So when we do the check for dates when you posted, the app doesn’t think you posted on the 19th! But you totally did. Then posting that morning it still saves it as Nov 20th until roughly 4 pm ‘America/Phoneix’ time then starts saving it to the 21st after that. Your milage will vary, but unless you live in the one true timezone ‘UTC’, this makes for a suboptimal experiance.

solution Now the app will capture your “wall time”, that is, the time and date it is where you are at when you published your post. Not converted into UTC time. This is then used for the calculation of consecutive days in a row. In theory, and so far, this proves to me much more viable than storing everything in UTC time and trying to offset and convert back and forth.

November 22 2019

does that make it 4?

November 21 2019

back in action. now with publish and draft flags.

November 21 2019